Terms and Conditions

Beautician and Physician Client Terms and Conditions

1. Recruitment Fees
A permanent placement fee is calculated on one of the following:


  • Should the Candidate’s basic salary be less than R100,000 per annum a flat rate of R9,500 per placement will be charged
  • Should the Candidate’s basic salary be more than R100,000 per annum the rate will be 10% of basic annual salary


A part-time placement fee is calculated on the following:


  • 15% of the basic pro-rated salary will be charged


Payment for all permanent and fixed term placements successfully completed by Beautician and Physician for a Client is due within (7) seven days from the date of commencement by the Candidate. Failure to make payment within seven days from the commencement date will null and void the guarantee period.


2. Guarantee Period
Beautician and Physician, will provide a replacement free of charge if the permanent or fixed term Candidate leaves the service of the Client, for any reason, other than retrenchment, job misrepresentation or reorganization.


The Candidate will be replaced at no additional cost. Within the first three (3) months of employment, subject to the following:


  • The fee payable for the original Candidate was paid within (7) seven days of the original placed Candidate’s commencement date with the Client;
  • The Candidate resigns; or
  • Beautician and Physician is notified in writing by the Client that the original candidate is unsuitable due to unsatisfactory performance and such notification is received by the Client prior to the expiration of the guarantee period; and
  • The Client requires the replacement to undertake an identical job description to the original Candidate


Should Beautician and Physician be unable to find a suitable replacement within thirty days, from the date receiving a written request to replace the successful Candidate by the Client, the following refund sliding scale will be applicable:


  • During the first month - 75% of the placement fee will be credited
  • During the second month - 50% of the placement fee will be credited
  • During the third month - 25% of the placement fee will be credited


A copy of a signed letter of appointment or employment contract is required by the Client as part of the guarantee


Where a Candidate of Beautician and Physician is introduced to a Client and that Candidate is employed by either the Client or an associated party of the Client, the Client’s standard fee as shown in the Recruitment Fees section will be payable by the Client.


The Client shall pay Beautician and Physician the applicable fee even if the Candidate is employed by the Client in a different capacity or on a different basis to what the Candidate was originally introduced for.


The introduction period will run for a period of (1) one year, with such period commencing from the initial referral of the Candidate to the Client by Beautician and Physician.


The Client acknowledges and undertakes to contact Beautician and Physician immediately should the Candidate approach the Client in order to secure placement directly.


3. Confidentiality
Any information supplied to a Client by Beautician and Physician, regarding a Candidate is done so on a strictly confidential basis to enable the Client to assess a Candidate’s suitability for the position and except where authorised or required by law shall not be disclosed to any third party without the express written consent of Beautician and Physician.


4. General
By accepting Beautician and Physician’s terms and conditions and by using Beautician and Physician’s website, you indicate that you accept and consent to these terms and the Privacy & Security Policy.


The Client agrees that it shall at no time approach any of Beautician and Physician’s Candidates directly, with the intent to employ them or gain any information about them or Beautician and Physician.


To protect the Candidates current position, no reference check with the current employer may be taken without the Candidates prior approval. The Candidate's Curriculum Vitae is submitted in confidence.


The Client will fully comply with the statutory obligations contained in POPIA, with which the Client warrants that it is fully conversant with as at the Signature Date, when processing personal information obtained from the Beautician and Physician on the Candidate(s).



5. Liability:
Beautician and Physician accepts no liability whatsoever, accepts no claims of any nature levied against it, including any loss or damage, to any person, property or otherwise, sustained by the Client, arising directly or indirectly through any submission, introduction, or placement of permanent, temporary or contractual staff.


While every endeavour has been made by Beautician and Physician regarding the capabilities of the candidate, Beautician and Physician does not warrant their competence, ability and honesty. Furthermore, Beautician and Physician cannot be held liable for any dishonest act, negligence or malicious damage to property by any candidate permanently or temporarily with the client.


Beautician and Physician is not liable to the Client for any damage, loss, expenses, disputes or spending suffered or incurred by the Client in connection with the recruiting or hiring of Candidates by the Client.


6. Acceptance
The terms and conditions as stated herein are between Beautician and Physician and the Client. Acceptance of any of Beautician and Physician’s recruitment services, including the acceptance of any Candidate Curriculum Vitae, deems agreement to and acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein. The service agreement is binding, whether or not it is signed by the Client.


Beautician and Physician will consider it a binding contract of acceptance of its terms and conditions once a client agrees to interview and appoint one of its candidates.


I hereby consent to the processing of my personal information for the conclusion and/or performance on this contract. I understand that if I fail to provide and/or retract the necessary personal information, Beautician and Physician will not be able to proceed with the terms of this contract.